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Leanne Lovelace Biography Photo Leanne Lovelace Biography
Born: 10/21/1973
Aliases: Leosha, Leanna, LeeAnn, Big Red

Birthdate: October 21, 1973
Hometown: ElCajon, California
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 126 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brunette gone Blonde
Breasts: 60 JJJ Waist: 24 Hips: 33

Leanne born into the the midst of controversy, found a natural calling to the adult industry. As the bubbly new on the scene blonde would stroll onto the scene fans and costars alike marveled at the wit and persistence to which Leanne would prove her calling. Don't be surprised in finding a star on the Hollywood walk of fame one day for this go getter grandiose gal.

Adorning that ardent beaming smile we all admire this energizing milf rabbit was about to set the world afire. Fans of the Voluptuous breasted MILF mommas were in for a treat 'Leanne Lovelace' is here to make you happy. A fine flaunt of a fabulously formed front end set for shock & Awe and 'ready to romp' hot box proved time and time again to be just what the director ordered.

Sexing it up Leanne style is what most called it, when She was present the energy flowed like molten rock in the course of a set. Bringing out the best is what product she brought out through herself and noticeably in others as well. She had a flair for the fun and really made the scene enjoyable, as she expressed her love of the trade.

She set out to get the biggest and best set of enhancements allowable for her small frame. The exciting gargantuan set of titty twins were taken a notice of by many huge boob fans young and old as this dynamic woman progressed. The eyes of this ebony beauty pull you in as if some magical calling from a siren of the seas were seductively entrancing you from your natural senses. Few would raise the argument that Leanne touts as one of the sweetest bods in porn, since her beginning in the late 80's she sexes it up slicker than any holding no reservations about her mission.

Porn Star Leanne In my honest opinion is the most in demand sex stars around. If massive melons are a must on your menu this fleshy fun house is a treat of plenty. A dreamy day or night delight to gaze upon those massive hooters through scene after bouncing scene of pure adult splendor.

Actress by day and 'Tammy Tail' of bounty by night she tears through film and fans dreams alike. The continued red-hot film effort has propelled Leanne to a seemingly never ending, near infamous career. The fans know and have grown to appreciate her aggressive let it all hang out presentation. A true starlet beauty exuding a captivatingly bubbly sensory pleasure in every appearance she makes. There is no mistaking her teasing energy and seemingly genuine call for the exhilaration she creates in every set.


Leanne launched those lookalike rockets into a shattering debut starting out with a passion exuding hit. Next set was a sultry flick showcasing those truly mammoth peaks. 'Duke of Knockers' would not disappoint.

'Duke of Knockers 2' didn't disappoint the big boob critics one bit, those chesty gems once again sparkled brilliantly.

'Freaks of Nature' set off an unsettling sexcapade spreading Leanne and her co stars across many a Hard fantasy poundings and eruptions.

'The Greatest Big Bust Video Ever' crossing one steamy urban sprawl with Leanne and her friends spread the pleasure like no others could.

'Tit to Tit 5' they heard your call and Leanne and Tawny Peaks team up for more "big titted fun." The girls turn up the temperature find themselves in even more compromising positions.

Leanne and friends find then selves up to their rears in pleasure as they strut their mammoth wares through scene after scene of finger licking greatness. Yes '10 Years of Big Bust 3' sets a new characteristic for the top heavy flavors of the Year.

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